pigeon toes

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  • Why Podiatrist?

    Why Consult a Podiatrist?

    Podiatrists can educate and inform people on how to properly care for their feet to keep them in healthy condition. People who have healthy feet know the normal routine for taking care of their feet, making sure their nails are trimmed and the skin is well cared for. Others, who are suffering with health issues, may not know what special care they need to take for their feet. This is where a Podiatrist can be crucial in providing the proper care that you need.

    Many different levels of foot care

    For some people with medical conditions their problem can also have an adverse effect on their feet. Individuals who suffer with diabetes or some neurological conditions may require the services of a Podiatrist who can help them with their foot issues as a result of these conditions.

    There are many different problems that can occur with the feet and the lower legs. They are not always easy to diagnose. Often they are painful and can lead to mobility problems. These conditions need to be properly diagnosed by a Podiatrist, who are medical professionals highly trained in the care of the feet and lower legs. Sometimes problems with the feet can be indicators that something else is wrong with other parts of the body, and this foot specialist may be able to detect this and make the appropriate referrals to other health care providers.

    While there are many common problems that can occur with the feet, one of the most common is warts. Many people tend to try over the counter remedies to treat these, but often don’t have much success. Usually this is because the warts are deep rooted. The Podiatrist has methods for effectively treating warts.

    Podiatrists play an important role

    There are some foot conditions that need to be treated with corrective foot devices. These aren’t something that an individual can just go and get on their own and expect real results. The Podiatrist can be instrumental in determining which type of orthotics is required and then assist the patient in getting them so they are fitted correctly to the patient.


    Adults are not the only ones who have foot problems. Many children can have issues with their lower legs and feet. There are Podiatrists who specialise in the care of children’s feet and can play an important role in helping to correct such problems.


    Athletes can often end up with sports injuries that affect their feet and lower limbs. In some cases they will use physiotherapy to help with the injury. Podiatrists can play an important role in the recovery from sports injuries that are affecting the feet and lower legs.

    The elderly

    Many elderly individuals are not able to perform the general foot care that they need. Yet their feet often become affected with conditions like arthritis or even ingrown toe nails. Anything that is wrong with a senior’s feet can make it dangerous for them as they are at higher risk of infections and also have a higher risk of falling because of foot problems. It’s a wise choice to insure that seniors have routine visits to a quality Podiatrist in their area.

    These are just some of the major reasons why everyone should add a Podiatrist to their list of much-needed health care professionals.