pigeon toes

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  • Sports injuries

    Sports Injuries That Can Affect the Feet

    There are enough common foot ailments that are possible without having to add to the potential list of foot problems with sports injuries that can affect the lower leg as well.

    Every sport demands some use of the foot and some more than others. Perhaps the most common type of sports injury that can affect the feet is from a fracture or broken bone. Sometimes the fractures can be just a crack or a hairline fracture and the injured person often assumes they have just badly bruised the area.

    In many cases the fracture or break may require the need for a cast. Following this there is going to be a rehabilitation process and this should be done under the direction of a Podiatrist, who may work in conjunction with a physiotherapist. In some cases following the cast there may be a need for orthosis and if so then this should also be done under the direction of the Podiatrist.

    Getting the right help

    Another common sports injury is a twist or sprain. These can be every bit as painful as a crack or break. Often these types of injuries can take a long time to heal. Individuals who suffer with these type of injuries should place themselves under the care of a Podiatrist because during the healing process, the injured foot has to be watched carefully to ensure it is healing properly. Also, the enthusiastic sports player is most likely anxious to get back playing their sport and may tend to do so before the foot is fully healed. This can lead to further problems. While under the care of the foot specialist this expert can advise as to when it is safe to go back to the game.

    Then there are lesser severe injuries but nevertheless they can be just as painful. These are small muscle pulls and slight soft tissue injuries and even bruises.

    Other injuries that can affect the feet

    One should not forget about the potential injuries that can take place with the toes and the nails as well. Just stubbing a toe can be quite painful and take some time to heal. It also has to be watched for inflammation that could turn to infection.

    So far these are the direct injuries to the feet and ankle that have to be watched for. Other sports injuries that take place in other parts of the body can have an indirect effect on the feet as well. Injuries to the knee, upper legs and back are prime examples of these. They could throw the body out of alignment or the pain could be so severe that it interferes with the natural gait.

    Individuals that have received a sports injury, whether it is directly with the feet or not, should consider seeing a Podiatrist to ensure that no further complications arise with the feet. This foot specialist can monitor the situation during the entire healing process, if it is an indirect injury. If the foot, ankle or lower leg has received the injury then the foot specialist can be instrumental in the care and treatment of the affected area through the entire healing process.