pigeon toes

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  • Shin Splints

    Shin Splints

    There can be a lot of different reasons why a person may experience pain in their foot; it can be as a result of a medical condition or an injury. However, one reason may be because of shin splints.

    When the discomfort or pain is felt along the inner side of the foot this is called medial shin splints. Then there are some people who have pain that occurs on the outer side and this is called anterior shin splints. In some rare cases the pain can be located in both areas.

    Generally when someone is feeling pain anywhere along the bone between the knee and the ankle it is called shin splints.

    While the exact reason that this happens is not known, it is known that some people that are involved in sports suffer with this condition quite often. Usually it is because they have over extended themselves.

    There is some confusion as to what is actually causing the pain even though the area is identified. Some believe that the bone is reacting to the stress that has been put on it. While others believe that it is the tendons and muscles and that have been affected.

    Shin splints can be quite painful, and it is this pain that is the indicator that something is wrong. Along with the pain, the area that is affected may be really sensitive to touch. The skin may look red and inflamed and the pain can either be constant or only appear during activity.

    Besides over use, other causes of shin splints can be related to other problems with the feet such as flat feet. While sports activities can run the risk of causing shin splints, it is usually the result of a high impact activity. When incorrect techniques are being used and proper running techniques are not being put in place this can result in shin splints. Even wearing the wrong foot wear when participating in some of the higher level sports can cause shin splints.

    What you can do about it?

    It is really important that before engaging in any activity, which involves a lot of impact on the feet, that warm up exercises are carried out. Strengthening the muscles of the feet and lower legs will help as well. Try to use soft surfaces for running on. Build up the intensity of the sport to give the feet and legs a chance to adjust. Using inserts in the shoes can help to absorb some of the shock.

    The pain can be prolonged and this may create a need to seek out professional help. A foot specialist who is called a Podiatrist is an excellent resource to assist with getting the pain under control and correcting the problem. A physiotherapist may also be able to help by showing you some exercises.

    It is most important that when pain is evident in the feet or legs that it is properly diagnosed. It should not just be assumed that it is shin splints that is causing the problem.