pigeon toes

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  • Sharp,burning or dull pains

    Sharp Burning or Dull Pain in the Feet

    Any kind of pain in the feet is most unpleasant. Those that experience pain can feel it in different ways such as a sharp stabbing pain, a dull ache or even a burning sensation. In addition there can be many different causes for these variations in pain.

    The pain could be coming from the bones of the feet, or the muscles and tendons or joints or a combination. Even something that is affecting the skin of the feet could be the source of pain.

    Sometimes these types of pain can be temporary or they can be long lasting. They can be present as a result of an injury to the foot or lower leg. It could be something as simple as being on your feet for too long. Or it could be caused from something else going wrong in the body. It can even be as a result of the wrong footwear.

    Sometimes the type of pain can be a good indicator as to what the cause is. For example when the discomfort is a burning sensation, it could be coming from the nerves of the feet, which often happens with people with diabetes, or some neurological conditions.

    Some causes of foot pain

    The most common type of sharp pain in the feet often occurs in the heel or the ball of the feet. When it is present in the heels this is often caused by heel spurs. Pain in the ball of the feet is classed as being the second most common foot pain complaint. This is a common complaint of women who wear high heels.

    For men that are experiencing this type of pain, it can come from being on their feet for a very long period of time, or just from wearing ill-fitting work boots or boots that are not giving enough protection by way of padding in the soles of the shoes. The pain here is described as being sharp but can also be a burning sensation.

    Seek expert advice

    Many of the conditions that cause much of the foot pain can start off with a dull ache. Many people who complain of aching feet are often experiencing dull foot pain. Almost any of the common foot conditions can cause this sort of discomfort.

    Those that suffer any of these types of pain should seek out the opinion of a Podiatrist. This foot specialist can determine where the pain is actually coming from and what the probable cause is. Once this is determined then corrective measures can be taken to prevent it from happening again while at the same time treatment can be started to correct the discomfort that is present.