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  • Role of Podiatry in Sports Medicine

    The Role of Podiatry in Sports Medicine

    While any sport can be a great deal of fun, it also opens the door for potential foot and lower leg injuries. What many people don’t realise is that a Podiatrist, which is a professional that specialises in lower leg and foot care, can play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of many foot and lower leg injuries that have been obtained through playing sports. Just as importantly, they can help to avoid some injuries.

    Examining your feet

    Quite often sports injuries occur as result of the feet not responding properly. The feet have the job of bearing weight; and when involved in sports, the weight responsibilities increase.

    A Podiatrist has the ability to examine the feet and determine if they are properly structured and performing correctly. This can be critically important for the sports player. If the feet are not properly structured then it can lead to an injury because of the demands the chosen sport is placing on them.

    If the Podiatrist happens to discover some irregularity, it doesn’t mean the sports future for the individual has to come to an end. It does mean that this foot specialist will have to devise some form of treatment that is applicable to the condition. It may just come down to some specific exercises needed to strengthen the muscles. In some cases, orthoses may be needed to help correct the problem. This type of treatment is along the lines of preventative medicine which is essential as many foot injuries can take a very long time to heal.

    Action after sports injuries

    If the individual has a foot injury due to playing sports, turning to a Podiatrist for help is a wise choice. Accidents can happen, like falling and twisting ankles or getting stepped on, or being knocked over.These are just some of the common types of incidents that can take place during sports play.

    Some injuries can be avoided by implementing some safe practices. Pre-warm up stretches should include exercises for the lower legs and feet. Finding the right footwear is a must. Although many sports require a specific type of footwear, making sure that they fit properly is just as important as wearing them.

    Any individual that is thinking of becoming involved in sports would be making a wise decision to get checked out by a Podiatrist first. Then if the need arises when an injury takes place, they can also turn to this expert for help.

    It is also important to choose a Podiatrist that specialises in sports podiatry. This way the focus is on the need for the feet and lower legs to be diagnosed so the patient is able to handle what the chosen sport is going to throw at them.