pigeon toes

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  • Podiatry for the Elderly

    Podiatry for the Elderly

    As you get older it’s very common to suffer problems with your feet. It is often more difficult to get around as your muscular system is weaker and often your bones become brittle. You can suffer from many different ailments that can indirectly affect your feet. Arthritis is just one of the conditions that elderly people are susceptible to. Such conditions can cause pain and discomfort and as a result you could end up falling. It is important that you have regular preventative foot care as well as professional care when you are having problems. The best professional for this type of care is a Podiatrist.

    Various issues that affect your feet

    One of the changes that take place in the feet for seniors is the skin. It no longer has the elasticity it once had, and the natural padding from fat layers in the skin has dwindled. This deterioration in the skin leaves you susceptible to wounds which can take a long time to heal, plus it can leave you at risk from infection. For some, you may no longer have good circulation in these lower extremities which is needed for proper wound healing.

    Another problem you can face is developing pressure areas on your feet that soon become sore and calloused and corns can form. These too can be quite painful and because of this it can affect the way you walk. This can cause falls or can cause additional discomfort in other areas of the body like the back because your posture is not as good.

    The toe nails can be another area of concern. Most often elderly people are not able to trim their nails. They can become ingrown which is extremely painful and once again can lead to infections.

    The aging process of the body itself causes structural changes for the feet. This can make it difficult for mobility.

    Getting the care you need

    These are just some of the areas where the Podiatrist can contribute to the foot health of elderly individuals. They are able to provide much needed information and treatments to help prevent a lot of the potential problems that can occur for seniors.

    When problems are present this foot care specialist is the best choice for assisting in proper treatment. It may mean ongoing care as the healing process can take a very long time. Often the older individuals need ongoing care, not only for treating foot problems as they arise, but to help prevent them or lessen the negative impact that the natural aging process can have on them.