pigeon toes

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  • How Podiatry Alleviates Chronic illness

    How Podiatry Alleviates Chronic Illnesses

    Chronic illnesses are something that many people suffer from. There is a wide range of illnesses that can occur and many of them can indirectly affect the health and performance of the feet. Here are a few such illnesses and how they can affect your feet.


    This is an illness that strikes thousands of people. There are various stages to it but any of these stages can have an impact on the feet. It can affect circulation in the feet and can lead to the feet becoming infected; because of poor circulation they do not heal properly. Sometimes the condition of the feet can become so severe that a toe or even the foot has to be amputated.


    This is another chronic illness that can have a direct impact on the health of the feet. It can create a great deal of pain and actually change the natural structure of the feet. All of these conditions can cause a person suffering from them to fall and sustain more injuries in conjunction with their painful feet and their chronic condition of arthritis.

    Neurological conditions:

    There are many chronic neurological conditions that exist. Multiple Sclerosis is just one of many diseases that can affect the feet and lower legs.

    While your general doctor will deal with chronic illnesses, a Podiatrist can be really instrumental in looking after potential foot problems that can occur alongside these illnesses.

    Seeing a Podiatrist should not just be when a problem surfaces. Instead, those with these types of ongoing conditions that are known to potentially affect the feet should see a Podiatrist on an ongoing basis.

    There are many forms of treatment that can be implemented such as proper exercises, instructions for wearing the right foot wear, and even the use of orthotics if necessary.

    When the feet are kept in good condition it makes dealing with a chronic illness somewhat easier. Preventing potential foot problems is a much better solution than having to deal and treat them. Often, treatments have to be continued for a lengthy period of time when it comes to the feet.

    No matter what chronic illness may be present, it is always a wise decision to seek out the services of these foot care professionals to determine if the feet are at risk; and if so, what steps can be taken to lessen or prevent the ill effects.