pigeon toes

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  • Footwear injuries

    Podiatry Footwear and Foot Care Advice

    One of the best things that we can do for our feet is to choose and use proper footwear. Unfortunately, this is something that we often neglect to do. There are different types of foot problems that an individual can develop, yet most of them can be prevented or treated by wearing the right shoes.

    So how do you know you’re wearing the right pair? This is all going to depend on a few factors such as the type of activity you are involved in and the foot problems that you currently have.

    Making the Right Choices

    Regardless of the activities that you are involved in, your shoes should always

    • Be comfortable so they are not crowding the foot
    • Have a good sole that will provide proper padding
    • Have low heels so pressure is not directed towards the front of your feet
    • Have a firm fastening unit to prevent the feet from sliding forward
    • Guarantee that there should be no pressure on the toes, the sides or heel of the feet

    You also want to choose the style that is appropriate for the occasion that you are going to. The material and style also matter. For example, leathers and suede are often worn for business and social events. Running shoes are worn for long distance walking and some sports, and slippers are worn around the house.

    If you have any type of foot problem, choosing the right shoes is important. You can ask your Podiatrist for their advice as to which type of shoes would be best for you to wear. They will probably base their opinion on your foot problem and where the shoes are most likely to be worn.

    There are people who have several pairs of shoes and there is nothing wrong with that as long as every pair meets the criteria for choosing the proper shoes. Knowing that shoes can be the culprit for different types of foot problems, or at least can play a role in making them worse, should entice you to choose your shoes wisely and carefully.