pigeon toes

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  • Arthritis

    Arthritis in the Foot

    Many people suffer with arthritis in different parts of their body. Both male and female can suffer from it regardless of age. When arthritis in the feet strikes, it can be extremely painful to the point that an individual won’t be able to live a normal life. There are different types of arthritis and each of them presents its own challenges.

    The feet, like the other body parts, are comprised of muscles, joints, and bones. Arthritis inflames one or more of your joints, and when the joints of the feet are affected, the pain could prevent you from performing your daily activities.

    Signs of Foot Arthritis:

    • Difficulty in standing, walking or even moving your feet due to pain
    • Joint swelling and stiffness
    • Change in your feet’s appearance – they look bigger than they used to
    • Heat in the affected area or redness around the joints

    Getting Properly Diagnosed

    If any of these signs or symptoms is present, the first step is to get your feet properly diagnosed. This can be done by a foot specialist called a Podiatrist. You may have to first see your regular physician first who may order blood tests or X-rays to properly diagnose arthritis, which could also be present in other parts of your body. Once the diagnosis has been given, your physician can make a referral to a Podiatrist who can arrange for a course of treatment to help you cope with the pain and discomfort brought about by arthritis.

    Possible Treatments

    One of the most important forms of treatment is ensuring that you are wearing the right footwear. Shoes that you once may have worn may no longer be appropriate. Take your time when choosing your new shoes. If you are going to be using inserts or orthoses, make sure you take them with you when trying on your new shoes for proper fit.

    Aside from proper fit, you want footwear that has good padding and rubber or synthetic soles to help with shock absorption. Find ones that are easy to do up.

    If the shape of your feet has changed, find shoes that have more depth, to give you comfort especially if there is swelling.

    Aside from choosing the right footwear for your mobility, your healthcare professional may also give you prescription medications for pain relief. Your Podiatrist may suggest the application of heat and cold therapy, which can be done with heating pads and cold packs.

    Some people try various heat rub products to alleviate the pain arthritis brings, but remember to always get the approval of your professional healthcare provider prior to trying different remedy or products. In this regard, your podiatrist will be able to guide you in getting the best possible treatment for your condition.